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OMEN - Breeding Stock

Blue Fire Omen 35106-B (USD)


Green Arpents Henri 6673-B (USD) Anderson Hill Old Hickory 5537-B (USD)

Thomas' Promises MacBeth 32812-B (USD)
Thomas' Promises Nel 22376-B (USD)

Anderson Hill Tilly 18482-B (USD)
Boreland CapCarolyn 5548 (USD) 8460 (GBA)

Omen was produced from some of the best genetics in the world. Checkout his lineage: Green Aprents, Anderson Hill, Boreland. Fertility, thickness, gentle disposition and longevity are the hallmarks of his line. Omen is being used to produce predictable, high quality grass-fed beef. He will also produce cattle with eye appeal and the presence to win in the show ring.

Semen rating superior, 90% motility.

$25 per straw, sold in 5 straw increments, semen cert. $5, stored in New Holland, PA.

Contact us to place an order.


A Young Omen in a make shift alley, waiting patiently with us for the bull technician to finish his fertility exam. He is very calm and passed with high honors.

Omen's dam

Anderson Hill Tilly, pictured at 10 yrs of age, in her working clothes. She herself was calved from a 14 yr old cow imported from Britain by Anderson Hill Farm.


More information and pictures to come.


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